How To Setup A Home Recording Studio For Under 1k

Do you want to know how to set up a home recording studio at an affordable price?

Do you want to buy some of the best equipment without hurting your budget?

In the current condition, you do not need to spend a big amount to set your home recording studio. All the credit goes to the recording gears as these are extremely affordable and can easily fit into a restricted budget.

A home studio can really help you to hone your skill. You can use it to get the best out of your music. You can edit your audios before posting it on social networking sites. You can practice in your studio in your free hours. Any music artist needs a studio.

Now we will come to the point….

We will discuss how to create a home studio with a restricted budget.

There is no doubt that you will need a lot of devices and equipment for your home studio. As you have the budget restriction, you will have to choose the best ones within your price.

Before starting a studio and go for a shopping, you should first make a list of equipment.

Here are some things you will definitely need:

You will need an interface, microphone, studio monitors, headphones, and a few accessories. These are the basic requirements to start a home studio. All these are available both in cheap and expensive models. We will discuss the best quality products at an affordable price. The features will not be compromised. At the same time, it will not exceed 1k.


We will start with the interface. Most of the interfaces come with a line mixer, mic preamp, headphone amp, AD/DA converter, and monitor controller in one box. If you have a flexible budget, you do not need to worry about the features. With a restricted budget, you need to be very selective. You will have to ensure that you are getting all the required features.

If you are looking for the best one at your price, you should think of Lexicon Multi-Channel Recording Studio. It has many improved features including two line inputs, two mic preamps, MIDI in and MIDI out, two line inputs, headphone out, zero-latency input monitoring, DI input, Cubase LE, and USB power.


When buying a microphone, you should choose the one that is able to cover a large range of sound sources. Besides, you will have to buy within your budget.

You can consider buying Blue SL Large-Diaphragm Studio Microphone.

It is affordable and can serve your purpose as well.

With this microphone, you will have rich harmonic content, superb detail, and transparent sound. Besides, it will have the custom-designed cardioid condenser capsule excels that can capture all the exciting moments. It has a -20db to offer ultimate versatility. It works well with home studio audio interfaces.

You can say that it is the best pick at your price.

Studio monitors

Studio monitors are one of the prime requirements for a home studio. It will enable to hear what is exactly going on within the recordings. All the monitors are not designed in the same manner. There are different features depending on price and usage.

Even if your budget is restricted, you will not prefer to compromise a few advanced features. You will choose the one that can offer you the best result.

If yes, then you can choose M-Audio BX5 Carbon Black Single Speaker Studio Monitor with Magnetic Shielding. This is affordable and can serve your purpose. This is a small studio monitor. But you will get flat frequency response in the compact footprint.

Besides, there will 5″ woven low-frequency driver, Class A/B amplification, superb imaging, and acoustic space control. It will prepare your music for any listening environment. It is designed to be used both for professional and home studios. You will have a flexible monitoring set up for the mixing environments.Click Here To Download Over 60 Beats + BONUSES


You will need a good pair of headphones for your home studio. It will help you to monitor while tracking. Besides, you will get an additional playback option to check your mixes.

Different types of headphones are available in the market. As you are looking for a budget-friendly option, you should go with Sony MDR7506 Professional Diaphragm Headphone. These are one of the best available headphones.

You will find a pair of these headphones in most of the home and professional studios. The best part is that it will come within your budget. Some key features of these headphones are unobtrusive, high quality, and lightweight interface. These are designed to wear comfortably for long hours that make it an ideal choice for the home studios and broadcasting.

Moreover, there will be neodymium magnet and 40mm PET diaphragm to offer the best performance. With these headphones, you will have a few accessories such as a unimatch plug and carrying bag.


In addition to the above pieces of equipment, you will also need some accessories for your home studio. You will need cabling to bring all the things together. You can consider the following accessories that will come within your budget and will serve your interest as well.


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