The Dos and Don’ts of Promoting Music on Facebook

It’s with no doubt that technological advancement has had a significant impact on the music industry. In particular, the internet has changed the way people communicate, the way businesses sell their products, the way artists promote their music and more importantly how they sell their music online. Social media, that is, Facebook, in this case, has simplified almost everything when it comes to music marketing.

With a number of clicks of a button, an artist can:

✔️ Submit a press kit to the booking agents.
✔️ Notify his or her friends and followers on Facebook about the status of their upcoming shows or a new album they are working on and so no

Social media channels have made music marketing across the world much easier and efficient artists than handing out flyers, going to an open mic and trying to get the audience to buy your CDs or come to your shows.

However, to make a success out of it, a music artist must be equipped with the right ways to do music marketing and avoid the wrong ways at all costs.

In this piece, we are going to look at dos and don’ts to help music artists promoting music on Facebook.

Here are some tips.


Build a Fan Page

Facebook pages are a way of allowing easy access to your
 brand. Here your target audience can have all your work in one place, as well as pertinent information like important dates, music player, merchandise, etc.

Sponsor an Ad

Paid Facebook ads can be of great help in this endeavor. You find that Facebook ads can cost you a few dollars per day depending on the amount of money that you are willing to spend. Ideally, promoting your page with paid Facebook ads is the most effective methods of marketing yourself and your music online.

Engage Your Audience

To spark your audience’s interest, you must make create engagement with your posts. Boring run of the mill posts will just lead people to scroll past you, without stopping to see learn a bit more.

Do you want your audience to be interested in what you have to say? A few ways in which you can keep them engaged includes diversifying the types of content that you post – include a fun variety of videos, photos and useful links. You can also host giveaways to promote your music.

Asking questions, getting feedback and having discussions with your fan base can help as well.

Easily Accessible Contact Details

You want to make sure that after you’ve secured interest,
your potential clients/fans can reach you. One of the biggest turnoffs is when a brand doesn’t have their contact info clearly stated. What’s the use in investing so much in promotions, only to be unable to convert. When clients can’t reach you, you may be losing tons of opportunities – we’re talking about collaborations, bookings or even interviews. At the very least, an email address, contact number and a physical location should be readily available on whatever Facebook platform you choose to utilize.

Utilize Facebook Live

Add some personality to your brand by going live.

 your audience into your world by sharing important updates, behind the scenes details, rehearsals and live performances. It adds to their interest in the page and gives you an idea of the kind of content they’d like to see.



I can tell you what doesn’t work….spamming!

Posting a bunch of links on hundreds of posts usually turns out to be a waste of valuable time that could be invested in other strategies.

People usually scroll by these types of posts because they are
 generally unwelcome and immediately thought of as spam.

There’s nothing wrong with posting your links, but you will want to ensure the audience is ready to accept them. So, for example, posting your links under in comments of a post about cars will probably be a bad idea. However, joining a few music related groups and posting there may be a bit more forthcoming.

Post Only External Links

You want your posts to be as user friendly as possible. So,
while most of your music may be on YouTube or Soundcloud, most people don’t want to be redirected to another app. Instead, you can try promoting some of your music using Facebook’s native video player. If you have other social media accounts like twitter or Instagram, try not to fall into the trap of posting
the same content to all of them. Post unique content.

Post Only Your Stuff

This one is all about collaboration. If you know of an 
artist or band that you think your audience might like, give them a share, too. Give your brand some personality by reposting something funny or sharing content from other pages. The main idea here is that other pages might be doing the same, hence boosting your visibility as well. It also diversifies your
content and keeps audiences interested.

Post Inconsistently

Staying relevant is important in maintaining your audience.
Inconsistent posts will cause your fan base to move on to the next captivating page. Doing some market research can allow you to determine the best times to make posts and create a posting schedule. Facebook also allows the option of scheduling posts so that you can be sure that your audience is engaged even when you aren’t physically able to.

Hope you found this article helpful 😃.


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