3 Places To Go Online To Get A Music Website

You may be already using Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat,etc…

Your brand may be “unique” and people love you…

…so why then do you need a website?

It’s important for you as an artist or producer to have your own personal website, to promote yourself & brand.

The truth is, people want a “one stop” shop.

Here are some benefits of having your own website:

  • Fans can buy your music
  • Purchase your merchandise
  • Tour Dates/upcoming events
  • Follow you on your social media links.
    Not to mention that social media platforms come and go. What may be hot now, may lose interest 2 years from now.

With that being said, let’s look at 3 places where you can get your website designed online:

  1. Olajide Website ServicesThis web designer has affordable services and caters towards designing websites for music artists, dj’s and producers. His services start at $80.
  2. BandzoogleBandzoogle has been around since 1999 and many artists are still using this service. You can create awesome websites by choosing over 100 of their themes.Here are some features:– Bandcamp player– Instagram gallery– Twitter feed– 30 day trial– Ecommerce– Sell Merchandise– Sell Tickets– Mailing list– much more
  3. 99 Designs

If you have a bigger budget, I recommend 99 designs.

99designs is one of the largest platforms for custom graphics & web site designs.

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